23rd Psalm Branch (1967) by Stan Brakhage [My cup runneth over.]

Since Criterion announced the release date of volume two of by Brakhage (May 25), I thought it would be nice to post a number of photos here that relate to it somehow. These 9 images show the ORIGINAL 8mm edited picture roll for reel 4 of 23rd Psalm Branch (1967), a film that is included on the volume two DVD. The original is really quite incredible, having been assembled in a veritably sculptural way, with much rapid cutting and surface modification. It’s a wonder that it’s still in one piece – in fact, the originals are so far in excellent condition, with no real damage (as of this writing, I’ve been through 4 of the 10 reels). You’ll see hand-painting/-tinting, found footage, heavy cutting, and adhesive pattern applications. The first photo above, of the film on its original reel, hopefully gives you an idea of the amount of attention and energy Stan put into this material.

3 thoughts on “23rd Psalm Branch (1967) by Stan Brakhage [My cup runneth over.]”

  1. These are great pictures! Gosh, it's almost hard to believe that light can get through some of that paint! Stan was really good about taking care of his originals, so I'm not surprised they are in good condition.

    I didn't know you had a blog! I will have to go through and read your last posts…


  2. Thanks for the photos. Amazing. I enjoy your blog by the way. I chatted with you briefly at the filmforum show last night (about the early films, etc.), but forgot to ask: is anyone (besides you) documenting the preservation process?



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