an ephemeral sculpture

Inga (the artist formerly known as Chris Langdon) and I were going through some of her film, and this one roll of faded 7381-color-print-shot-in-camera-as-negative unspooled in this way that we both thought was pretty magnificent.

Incidentally, Chris Langdon and Fred Worden, when they were at CalArts ca.1972-73, completed two films that were shot using print stock rather than camera stock (Now, You Can Do Anything and Venusville), as well as shooting (but never finishing) a third film, called The Boat Show.

I’ll be showing a restored print of Venusville on 5/29/09 at the Hammer Museum for those who might be interested to see it. And Now, You Can Do Anything is in the works to be restored by this Fall.

6 thoughts on “an ephemeral sculpture”

  1. I was wondering if you'd be interested in covering my work on your blog. I realize your blog is primarily about the preservation of films, but the interesting thing is that my films currently exist only in a digital format. They are preserved by servers and computers and that's it. Might be something interesting to talk about, maybe. See, I am a NO BUDGET UNDERGROUND FILMMAKER. Yeah, yeah, there's a billion of these, but just watch this trailer: and I think you'll see it's something worth covering. MAYBE. See, because my films deal with not only a free digital community but also I am offering them up for free. I exploit various defects within the videos themselves, fragmenting and pixelating and creating artifacts of the original image. A digital degrading in a world where everything's supposed to look beautiful and “hi-def”. I figured I'd try to send one of my films your way to see if you want to watch.. it's called NO REASON TO EXIST, you can d/l it here: has more info … not trying to spam, just trying to get interesting people interested. Hope you don't mind, feel free to delete this if you do mind, great blog either way. Get in touch with me ( if you wanna chat, thanks… Take care.-ac


  2. Im very glad to have been in the right place at the right time. Your experimental film showing at UCI was inspiring in the films you chose as well as the words of thought you provided to them. Im not a student, at UCI at least and now what to learn preservation, archiving and the latter.Your educational history touched home to me, being that Im 32 and have been fluttering around the jr college scene for 13 some years. Film classes here and there and no realization that school help or doesnt hurt until a few years ago. You helped make it specific. Being that I will do anything I can to help with the Brackage project. Take me serious, I want in. Email me here or there at Thanks for all you do for the community even extending to here where I am a terminal stranger on the veldt. Im cursed with poetic inclinations. Maybe we can collab. on a jr college (Santa Ana) exper. film screenin. Entanglements.


  3. Hello,

    I am an independent/underground filmmaker/poliartist and am currently looking for institutions, groups or venues that can be interested in showcasing my filmworks, or people interested in reviewing them. I expect to do this once my most recent film is finalized (anytime in the next few months). I am sending you a link where you can appreciate my filmworks (only Belle Chasse is lacking, will be added soon so check in a week or so for the complete works). I hope they are considered and well received.
    I will be able to reply to any questions you may have regardless of their nature.
    Thank you so much for your attention.


    Ana Cordeiro Reis

    link to the films:

    my email:



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