Suggestions? Comments? Questions?

I have no idea how many people look at this blog, especially considering it’s so sporadically updated. But sometimes people will mention to me that they check it periodically, so I guess somebody’s looking at it.

Anyway, I thought I’d specifically solicit suggestions, request, comments, etc. at this point. Do you have questions about something general or something in particular that I might be able to answer through this blog? Requests for coverage of specific films/filmmakers/questions about film preservation? Random thoughts? General feedback? Students of film archiving are particularly welcome and encouraged.

I’d love to hear from people, both to get a sense of who’s actually reading this thing, and with the idea that if people have specific questions or feedback, it’ll probably prompt me to update more regularly.

Anyhow, thanks for reading!

-Mark T

P.S. For those of you in the Bay Area, hope you can make it to the SF Cinematheque screening I’ll be doing on April 1 at Yerba Buena. It’ll be a nice, hefty show of restored experimental works from L.A. in the ’60s-’70s. Lots of beautiful and crazy stuff, including films by Thom Andersen, Morgan Fisher, Gary Beydler, Roberta Friedman & Grahame Weinbren, David Wilson, Diana Wilson, Fred Worden, Chris Langdon, and Pat O’Neill.

p.p.s. The “cut here” image is from a preservation project I’ve been working on for Picasso (1973) by Chris Langdon.